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What is WordPress and why it is necessary for blogs

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What is WordPress and why it is necessary for blogs

If you blogging, you will often hear WordPress’s name. Mostly from Blogger.com, any blogger begins his blogging career because there is no cash to blog in it. But when he learns about WordPress himself, there is a moment. That’s why today I’m going to tell you what WordPress WordPress has made it so easy to manage websites and blogs that today a well-educated person can easily manage by creating a website even if they don’t have technical expertise.

Blogger is a great free blogging platform. It also provides you with Blogger’s domain name and hosting for free. Overall, if you’re talking about it, starting blogging doesn’t cost a rupee. But if you know about Top Level Domain, then you can understand that the domain of Blogger is not as useful for us in a manner as it has a lot of trouble receiving google Adsense permission. The second thing about Google Adsense is that hosting is also free in bloggers. But the most significant thing in this is that there is no place for our safety in Blogger while WordPress has many safety plugins that are also accessible free of charge.

Today WordPress utilizes all the major bloggers, whether it’s a or English blog. I learned about the careers of many bloggers and discovered out they began blogger.com and then moved to WordPress. There are many factors that we’re going to know through this article behind this. If you’ve just heard WordPress’s name, it’s a good thing to do today because you’re going to understand what WordPress is and what’s going to be WordPress’s significance in building a blog?

Is the WordPress question every day on the web? Let me inform you, therefore, that WordPress is an open source website that creates websites online.

It was published in PHP and MySQL, Matt Mullenweg developed WordPress and it was introduced on May 27, 2003, as an open source. Like WordPress, Free Open Source, like Joomla, Bootstrap, Tumblr, Drupal, are much more Content Management System (CMS). But CMS WordPress is what’s the most common and common among individuals.

How does WordPress work?

If we spoke for a while then it wasn’t a simple job to create a website or blog at that moment. Because only web developers and web designers developed the website or blog. If the content management system was not developed, web developers used to work on it themselves. This could only be achieved if there was sufficient understanding of programming language. Developing and designing the website took a lot of time in this manner. WordPress is nowadays the simplest and most effective website content management to blog. Which is also called a CMS for a short time?

Does this imply that for short? the intent of the website and the database content, a developer does not have to do all the job itself. Plugins are developed, like Themes, Mobile Responsive theme, and they must be installed and installed. By customizing your website according to your own, you can generate any type of website. You can use it as a website, by building a blog you can generate a woo-commerce website to shop or blog.

Create a WordPress Website

Importance of WordPress

According to April 2018 information, there are 10 million top-of – the-world websites, 30.6% of which is on WordPress. That’s why WordPress is the most famous website management or blogging system in the world and the most commonly used. Approximately 50,316 plugins are currently available in WordPress, where each plugin provides custom features and is intended to serve as required.

Bloggers are often acquainted with the WordPress name because blogging starts with many individuals from the blogger of Google’s product. But then with WordPress, they need to go ahead. You’re certainly going to want to understand what makes individuals like WordPress so much.

Blogger SEO information is as essential as the medication of the doctor. The Blogger.com platform’s search engine optimization has to do all the job itself. Everyone understands that to post Blogger posts manually, blogging also needs social signals. While in WordPress we get numerous and rewarding plugins. There are plugins for each task in this. I’m here to share with you the list of the most helpful plugin.

Yoast SEO – The Best Plugin for Search Engine Optimization

Jetpack – Comes to share a direct post on social media sites.

WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket – Supports website super fast.

One Signal Push Notification – To send notifications to the subscriber for publishing and updating the post.

Google Analytics – It’s a lot of help in tracking traffic.

Contact Form 7 – Provides this form for obtaining visitor comments.

Akismet Protects Blog with Anti-Spam – Spam comments and spam login

WordPress vs Blogger – Who is Better Platform in Blogging

Only 2 platforms are very common among these individuals in the blogging world: Blogger.com WordPress
Blogger.com Blogging

Blogger.com Blogging

Free service from Google and there’s no fee for it, it works free of charge. Every month, you do not need to purchase a domain or pay for hosting. It provides itself with a subdomain to create bloggers a blog website, and it stores all the blog content and its information. Therefore, there is no need to host separately.

WordPress.com Blogging

Now the issue occurs in your mind if WordPress is free for blogging as well? Yes, guys, that’s 100 per cent free totally, true. WordPress provides its service in two ways, using two separate platforms of its own: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

If you are not interested in owning your domain and hosting costs then wordpress.com is your place of job. Neither do you get the tension of hosting nor pay money for the web? Using it is completely free and you can also customize your website. WordPress.com also has some disadvantage in establishing a website, like your domain that will be attached to it by default wordpress.com. To alter the look of your website, you will not be able to upload a theme individually. You won’t be able to use any plugin besides this.


It operates on WordPress wordpress.org when you purchase your own domain name for your own website and install the internet hosting server and install WordPress on it. You’ll find many different benefits here that aren’t on wordpress.com. You can select your Top Level Domain to purchase a domain for at least one year and then renew it each year.

You can also host a hosting on the Monthly/Yearly Base from a successful internet hosting business by hosting the domain of your website at that stage.

Some significant functions on WordPress.org to create websites.


WordPress Plugin enables users to improve the function and feature of the website/blog. WordPress has 50316 plugins available. By enhancing the function in their own manner, each of them improves the function and quality of the website.


Users of WordPress can have thousands of topics installed on the WordPress platform for their website and whenever you want to change from one theme to another. WordPress website allows users to alter the key code or site content look and operate without making any adjustments. WordPress offers a facility like this. Each WordPress website has at least one theme, and each theme should be designed according to the standard of WordPress. This involves Structured PHP, Valid HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Mobile Application

Native WordPress application for WebOS, Android OS, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry is also accessible. You can add fresh messages and websites to the Website / Blog in this implementation as well as moderate the design, comment, comment.

Multi-user Blogging

Another characteristic of this kind is very essential and useful in WordPress. It can hold more than one user. If we like, it can place as many 3-5 bloggers as possible and operate according to our wishes. Through this, individual login information can be created for each user.


Starting a blog today is not a big thing, which can also be used to operate a lot of the desktop and can readily blog the internet. That’s why we’ve informed you about what WordPress is after all through this article. You might also understand how significant blogging is. Bloggers in today’s globe like blogging on WordPress only. Now you’ve come to know how WordPress operates.

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