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iPhone XR review: Know about this features

iPhone XR review: Combination of superb camera with great display
Full Specifications of iPhone XR

iPhone XR review

The motivation behind the company’s launch is only stronger user experience and iOS ecosystem. It was introduced today in India, on October 26. Rs 76,900 is its original cost. We got a chance to use this device. In this article, we’re telling you the iPhone XR review, iPhone model 2018-19.
Let’s say first of all that this phone’s name is certainly iPhone XR, but it’s called iPhone Ten R. Yes, X implies 10 here. As the iPhone X was introduced last year, we began this review in its name. So everybody was calling him iPhone X. While the iPhone Ten was his right name. This confusion is because there are many smartphones on the market and these devices were launched by Apple with the Roman number.
The iPhone XR has an all-screen layout and a 6.1-inch display, just like the iPhone XS and XS Max. Similar to the iPhone XS, this phone is quite distinct from it. It’s pretty light. This phone is made of a frame made of aluminium finish, so its frame is matched. This phone was produced available in 6 Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Coral and Red colour versions. We had this phone’s black colour version. This phone’s back panel is much stronger than the iPhone X, according to Apple. The iPhone XR is Dust and What Resistant. The IP67 rating was provided. This implies this device can stay for 30 minutes 1 meter underwater. If the iPhone XR drops coffee, tea, soda etc.


Talking about the iPhone XR’s greatest change, it’s got a single camera module. It has a wide-angle camera of 12 megapixels that has an aperture f/1.8. It features 60fps stabilization of optical picture and 4K video recording. This phone’s broad-angle camera is comparable to the iPhone XS. The iPhone XR also promotes Smart HDR, which in photographs helps to provide more emphasis and shadow detail. The iPhone XR is capable of capturing portrait pictures. It also provides the impact of Bokeh. First seen in Google Pixel XL, this kind of function is capable of taking Bokeh impact pictures with a single lens. The largest difference between iPhone XR and iPhone XS portrait mode is that XR provides 3 out of 5 portrait light configurations. There are no Stage Lighting and Stage Mono Portrait Light modes available for this phone.

When it comes to capturing selfie portrait, this phone’s front camera is like the iPhone XS. It provides all five modes of Portrait Lighting. A depth controller is also available for the iPhone XR. It also has a True Tone quad-LED flash that operates in pictures to enhance colours. Besides this, there is also a Flickr Detect Sensor which offers auto white balance in pictures.


A 6.1-inch liquid retina display is available for the iPhone XR. Users will not have the same experience as iPhone XS and XS Max in this. But there’s such a tiny distinction you can hardly notice. The telephone’s brightness is nice. iOS broad colour management system is able to deliver better phone colours. Like the iPhone XS, the XR also utilizes a sophisticated 6-channel ambient light sensor to adjust the onscreen white balance to match the colour tramp around you. It is also called True Tone technology or True Tone Display.

Its screen promotes wake-up, swipe-up, swipe-down and control centre characteristics like a tap. Users began using 3D Touch after launching the iPhone 6S, but this functionality was not provided in this phone. Besides this, this phone’s pixel density is 326 pixels per inch. It does not have a feature of 3D contact. You’ll get the vibrant and still wallpaper choice in such a phone. You’ll discover a notch like the iPhone X in the top of the phone. The iPhone XR is great at viewing videos. But the phone’s notch is not concealed when it comes to playing games like PUBG or Asphalt.


While the iPhone XR has a slightly lighter hardware module, owing to iOS 12, the phone’s output was quite great. We are compelled to ask if the iPhone XR is quicker than the iPhone XS in this situation? The distinction between these two is very tiny, but in the user experience, it is much better. One reason for this is that there is a bionic chipset on the iPhone XR A12. Also provided in XS and XS Max is this chipset. In this case, the performance of the iPhone XR is as good as the other two phones.

Having the same characteristics as the iPhone XS and XS Max, talk about connectivity. It has dual connectivity to SIM. It is possible to install a nano-SIM and an eSIM. ESIM technology has been developed by Apple. It comes in iPad, Apple Watch Cellular, iPhone XS and XS Max. It will be released later this year and can be enabled through the service provider by scanning the QR code. Jio and Airtel currently supply eSIM facilities in India. Apart from this, only 64, 128 and 256 GB storage variants have been made available in this phone. No storage version of 512 GB is accessible. The iPhone XR supports AR games and applications, as well as an emoji, which can capture and evaluate up to 50 distinct facial motions with its True front camera.


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