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How to make money on Tik Tok?


How to earn money from Tik Tok

How to make money on Tik Tok?

How to earn money on Tik Tok: If you are using the internet and reading this post, you must have surely heard the name of Musical.ly or TikTok and also seen some videos of it on YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp. Will be

Right now the videos of Tik Tok are going on trending and a lot of people especially the young generation is using it. The popularity of this app can be gauged that more than 100 million downloads have been done from the Play store so far.

Do you know that you can earn a lot of money from it, if not then you read my entire post?

But first, you have to understand its basic. What is TikTok? And how to make a video on it.

What is TikTok (Musical.ly)?

TikTok is a short video creating an application, where you can entertain others by making lip-sink music videos, dialogues, comedy videos. Through this app, you can create and upload short videos from 3 to 15 second.

TikTok’s earlier name was Musical.ly and recently its name has been changed. In fact, Musical.ly has been purchased by a Chinese business “Douyin” and combined with its phone and dubbed it TikTok.

In this application, you will get many songs and dialogues, by which you can make good videos from mobile and there is also an option of editing there.

His clips are pretty brief and enjoyable, so very rapidly this phone has become famous in the world. Like YouTube, you can create more followers by uploading good funny videos on Tik Tok and can also earn money from here.

Example: TikTok is a very popular celeb in India like Sanket Singh, Rohit Kumar, Mrunal Panchal, whose followers are more than 1 million and they earn a good income from it.

How to create a video using TikTok

Like the other application, you have to create an account first to use TikTok, so if you are Android users then you can download from Play Store and iOS users from App Store.

To create your profile on TikTok, first, open the app and click on the ‘Me’ option you see below and you can sign up from your Gmail, phone number or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram id as well. can do.

Create a video on TikTok

Making videos on TikTok is quite easy. You just have to select music from here and make good videos as if people can be entertained.

How to create a video on Tik Tok

1– After opening the App, you have to click on the + button below.

2– On the next screen, click on the pick a sound option you have got above.

3– As you can see in the screenshot, the playlist of music will be open in front of you, from here you can select your favourite songs, dialogues or you can select songs from your mobile by clicking on My Sound.

4– Next there are many options to see in the right side of your screen so that Motion (from here you can make your video slow and fast), Filters, Countdown, Beauty mode, Effects. You can also cut your sound besides this.

5– Now it is the turn to record video, you can make a video from 3 to 15 second by clicking on the video button here.

6– After recording video, you can trim the song in it, add special effects and then publish it by adding Title and Hashtag.

After publishing your video, share with him on different social media platforms so that your video can reach more and more people.

How to make money on Tik Tok?

Now let’s speak about our primary problem, how did we gain TikTok cash?

You only need to create 15-second clips on TikTok. For this, you will take at most half an hour and if you can earn money by making videos in such a short time, then it is sweet for you.

So let’s understand which techniques to gain cash from this TikTok tool are there.

Complete Guide to Earning Money from YouTube 2019

Like Youtube, there is no advertisement show to earn on Tik Tok, then you will have a question, so what is the way to earn money?

Live streaming: This is the basic earning method, you can earn money by getting emojis. There is a live stream option on Tik Tok which you can get after having 1000 fans. So as you go live, your fans send emoji to you. These emojis have to buy your fans and for every emoji, you get some coins from which you can redeem and earn money.

Live Tik Tok Videos

Contest: There are a lot of contestants in it if you participate in that #contest and your video goes into trending or gets selected, then here you can win prizes Coupons like $100, $1000, iPhone And so many props.

Gifts: If you have a lot of fans, followers, then the company sends you a lot of gifts. This can also be a means of earning for you.

Sponsorship: Like here you can earn money from sponsorship here as soon as you have too many fans, brands and companies will contact you for sponsorship and by negotiating with them you can earn a lot of money.

Promotion: As your fans will grow in Tik Tok and you will become popular, similarly people will also follow you on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram. There are many brands in this, there are some individuals who will request you to promote their name or company name or promote them by giving Shout Out and also you can earn money.


There is not much time for Tik Tok to come, but still, this platform has become quite popular due to its video. This is a very good medium for your entertainment, but if you want to earn money from this, then, first of all, you will have to be popular here.

Like another platform, in order to be popular in Tik Tok, you have to make good quality and entertaining videos and also have to be consistent in it, only then you can think of earning money from it.

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